Allow me to reintroduce myself
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Allow me to reintroduce myself
There are some people, I’m kinda glad I’m not close with anymore

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Costume update

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We used to be friends

Barbara Kruger, Advertisements for Myself

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Geffen / okapics

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Anonymous asked : how does one stop caring about another? I want my daily thoughts to be free of them

i’m in the same boat as you, anon

i just tell myself to move forward with my life. and i’m trying to do that (and succeeding!). during the day it’s good because i have so many things to do and my thoughts are occupied with things that matter

but at night when i’m alone and i have all this time to think is tough. i have a little pity party for myself at night

everyday is better though

just gotta keep reminding yourself that you’re better off without them. surround yourself with good vibes. take a step back and be grateful for all the times the universe has been kind to you and know that kind things will happen again. they always do

shit just sucks right now because we’re going through it right now and all we can do is feel it but in a week, a month, a year, we’ll realize that these are the situations that have formed us as the people we are today and people who can overcome the obstacles that have been put before are the ones who are awe-inspiring 

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Dmitry Vision


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